Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer bugs.

The summer Juniper line has been out for a little while, 
and I forgot (or didn't have time) to show it off until now. 
I've been insanely busy with tattooing and traveling,
and working on a letter-pressed artist book with my wife,
and this was the first time that I wasn't involved with every step of the process. 
I wasn't even there for the photo shoot.
Luckily, everything came out way better than I expected,
and probably even better than if I had been there. 

There's 6 new items this time.
I'm always stoked to see my art on clothes, 
but I'm especially pleased with these three pieces. 
Bugs, kids. 
A dragonfly, a cricket, and a junebug. 
Only at Juniper
(if you order online before september, 
enter code "waves" for 15% off. 
In person, just tell them I sent you)

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