Monday, August 19, 2013

Better Aftercare.

I'm working on a whole new aftercare instruction page for my website right now, 
because there's so many people that do so many different things, 
and I want to have it as a good resource. 
We should all know that petroleum based products are bad for us, 
and bad for the environment, 
but unless you're a crusty hippy, 
(which is fine, of course)
you might not know too many alternatives. 

Wild Rose has lots of amazing products, 
and a few different tattoo balms that I couldn't possibly love more. 
I use it during the tattoo process, 
and recommend it greatly for healing it, also. 
There's a balm with beeswax, 
and a special vegan version, too. 

I now carry the .85 ounce jar of the vegan balm at Twilight Tattoo,
so you can purchase it from me there,
or on the Wild Rose website.
(if you are getting large scale tattoo work done,
I would recommend ordering a 4oz jar).

There's a lot of waste in the tattoo process,
like paper towels and needles,
and I also use disposable tubes.
I'm not excited about the impact all of that has on our landfills,
and the environment,
and although my first priority is safety and cleanliness,
I do want to be very discriminating about the parts of tattooing I do have a control over.

All that said,
please don't email me about getting a tattoo just because I'm vegan,
and you want a vegan tattoo artist,
especially if you haven't even looked at my portfolio to see if we'd be a good fit.

Also, I might not use beeswax or lanolin in my tattoo process,
but I am not trying to be be exclusive or activist-y .
I promise.
I just do veganism because that's what I do.

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