Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Not THAT snobby, apparently.

TattooSnob is back!
I'm stoked.
It was (and now is, again) such a good tattoo blog,
run by such good people.
They've always been very kind to me,
and I have gotten lots of attention over the years from them having posted my work.
So when they told me that they were coming back,
and were looking for a few people to do art for a rotating banner at the top of the page,
I, of course, said 'yes'.

But, also, of course, I waited till the last minute to do it,
and found myself the day it was due in Massachusetts,
doing a guest spot at Off the Map,
and staying with the ever accommodating Amy and Jaime.
I borrowed some watercolor paints from Jaime,
and didn't go to bed until 3 or 4am.

Go visit them,
and click the refresh button till it pops up.
I'm honored they asked me,
and happy to help in any tiny way I can.
Thanks to TattooSnob for getting em to do a painting,
and thanks to Amy and Jaime for always being such big helps.

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