Friday, July 19, 2013

Shawn Hebrank tattoos like an old lady.

Rachel was very open with this tattoo,
and only requested a bird for a half sleeve.
We did this pheasant all in one session, 
and she did awesome.
I think it was maybe 5 hours total.

I appreciate everyone's patience lately, 
I've been working on changing a lot about the way I work,
and it's been a bumpy transition.
I'd like to focus on some larger pieces, 
illustrative styled and mostly nature themed,
either weird or creepy or beautiful or dark, 
or a combination of all four.
I'm straying away from the sillier, more cartoonish tattoos I used to do.
I'm not saying I'll never do those again,
but I'm hoping to do more work like this from now on.
Maybe I'm growing up a bit?
Now that I'm in my thirties i'm finally maturing a little?
We'll see.
Until then, 
if you'd like to chat about getting some work along these lines, 
please email me.


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