Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ingredients like these.

My portfolio is getting revamped 
with lots of healed, semi-professional-ish photos. 
We have a little black curtain in the back room of the shop, 
a special angled light that reduces glare, 
and a camera that seems idiot proof. 
For real, check it out: 

Liz had some tattoos on her back already;
we let some stay,
and covered up some others,
and tried to make the most cohesive backpiece possible.
Everything now visible was done by me,
though some parts are years apart.
I'm super happy with how this piece turned out.
Big thanks to Liz for being such a trooper,
and giving me so much freedom with me tying everything together.

Fawns and birds and trees and ivy.
I love working on projects with ingredients like these.

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