Thursday, May 30, 2013

She's something special.

My buddy (and 2013 minneapolis tattoo convention boothmate)
Anthony Elliott is back in Minneapolis for a few days.
He's staying at the Louderhorn Inn while it's otherwise empty,
and working with me at Twilight Tattoo.
And today my rad client Josh let us do a collaborative tattoo on his thigh.
We drew separate parts, combined them, made changes,
and then took turns outlining, shading and coloring the tattoo.
I did the necklace and everything lower,
and he did the whole face and hair and everything.
And the antlers.
No kidding.
(they weren't even my idea)

It was super fun,
and the first time I've ever worked on a tattoo with someone else.
A big thanks to Josh for being such a trooper
and sitting like a rock for hours.
And for Anthony for coming down and hanging out in the big city.

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