Friday, May 31, 2013


Tyler came from Spain to his old home of Minnesota for a sister's wedding, 
and snuck in a full-day half-sleeve first-tattoo tattoo session. 
For real. 
8 hours or more. 
One session. 
Non-stop tattooing. 
First tattoo ever.

He was well prepared,
and knew my 'state pride tattoo' rule
(and lived in a whole different country for extra bonus points).
He sat like a rock,
drank gallons of water,
and it was a super fun day.
(for me, not him)
(I think he hated it)

But yeah, we got it all in there.
A loon, lady slippers, a cardinal, acorns,
Norwegian pines, some geese, cattails,
and words.
There's a pinecone, too,
somewhere on the other side.
Minnesota, kids.
Love it, or leave it.
(or, leave it, and still love it)
Whatever, just don't get the Minnesota state outline only.

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